Monday, December 31, 2007

January's "Teaser"

Something to carry us into the New Year and to get everyone curious about this month's colours! I still have a few more to dye but everything will go out on the 2nd of January after New Year's day.

I'm excited about this month's colours but I think I say that every month don't I? LOL! I always have fun experimenting with new colours! I hope you like these too :)

Can you believe I was so excited about these colours I already spun one into a yarn cake and have a sock started!!!???

Happy New Year everyone!

Monday, December 24, 2007

One Done!

One done and I really like how the variegated version of the Reims Stockings turned out. The sock is a wee bit big but oops, it is a light sport weight yarn worked on a size 2 circular needle so it was bound to come out larger than my first Reims Stockings sock with fingering weight yarn. Oh well, I still really like it and the pattern gave the colours a nice texture too! I love how the heel construction turned out - certainly is a unique way of doing a heel.

Well, it's Christmas eve already so Happy Holidays everyone and also a Happy New Year! Looking forward to getting January's yarn out to everyone too :)

January's Inspiration - Frederic Leighton

Remember I mentioned we should do something bright and cheery for January? I can't imagine this one not being cheery and bright...LOL Do you like Flaming June? I'm excited!

I'll be pulling the colours from this one and putting it onto a fingering weight superwash merino, bamboo and nylon sock yarn for the coming month. And the bamboo yarn is a little different from the first one used in August too - this one is a true fingering weight which I'm also excited to get out to everyone.

I browsed through a lot of images to find something "bright" and this one is just wow...I didn't have to go further aftering looking at this masterpiece. I can't wait to paint the yarns for this one! Knowing how bamboo behaves, it will not be eye burning bright but a nice subdued bright too. Stay tuned!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Black Iris Reims Stockings

I decided to cast on for a variegated version of Reims Stockings and have a few repeats done so far. I was way curious to see how a variegated version of Alyson's great sock pattern would look and so far, I love it! The pattern is giving a nice texture to the colours. Has anyone else cast on with Black Iris? Feel free to post your projects on the blog too :)

Thanks everyone for your suggestions on January's artist. I haven't quite narrowed it down yet but I'm on my way! I am pleased to hear you think something vibrant would be great for January - I thought so too for breaking up the winter blahs.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Which artist for January?

Anyone have any ideas for January that would include colours we haven't touched on at all yet? I was thinking about something bright and vibrant...what do you guys think? In the mood for something a little brighter?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

December's "Spoiler"

I think I'm safe posting this now as the yarns have finally started arriving everywhere. How come I knew I couldn't rely on 4 day delivery every month?? I sure wish it was that way every month!! Waiting is a torture not only for you guys but for me too because I want the yarns in your hands like yesterday once they are dyed...LOL As always, don't click the photo unless you want to see the yarns up close!

As for December's yarn, I had a wonderful time dyeing this one for everyone. I tried a new dyeing technique and I really love the results and I'm so pleased to hear everyone else does too. I have about 3-4 extra skeins hanging around if you are hankering for another one...just let me know by emailing zenyarngarden AT yahoo DOT com - they are slightly more "pink" in the white areas then the ones I sent out but equally as pretty. Once they're gone, they're gone so if you really want one, let me know!

Oh yes, on the topic of being able to purchase previous month's colourways - I'm happy to do that for anyone who arrives into the club later or has missed a colourway they reallllllllly want. I haven't been posting about it until now as I don't want to get overrun with orders for past colourways when I need to be concentrating on the next one :) I don't mind a reasonable amount of requests though - just email me! I will dye it and include it with your next month's delivery to save on shipping fees. It won't include the inserts from previous months but as long as I have the base yarn in stock which I usually do, it can be done for you.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

December's "Teaser"

You know I can't help myself....LOL!! Here she is in teaser format. Can't wait for everyone to get this colourway....I really like it but that's because I'm partial to these colours in a biggggggggg way....LOL! I played around with white in this batch too and you know, it's a pretty cool colour to mix in there for making the others stand out a bit. Should've thought of that sooner! But that's okay...Georgia O'Keeffe, the amazing artist, did and that's what makes this club so fun for me....these artists are really pushing me to think about colour and colour combos in a whole new way!