Tuesday, July 31, 2007

August's Yarn - Almost...LOL

Sorry, can't show colours until after the packages have gone out and everyone starts receiving their yarns...LOL! I'm on schedule too - the yarns will either go out on the 1st or the 2nd of August depending on whether or not I receive one more thing today or tomorrow. I know, how cryptic eh? Sorry...such a yarn tease! LOL And guess what? I actually dyed a skein for myself too - that's so unusual for me but I wanted to knit along with everyone else too! I need to get my knitting mojo back...oh well, I have an excuse - I'm always in the dye pot...LOL Stay tuned!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

August's Inspiration - Salvador Dali!

Oh yes, he holds a special place in my heart...let me tell you why! When I was dating my DH before we were married we went for a vacation in Florida and he had to take me to Salvador Dali's museum. I will admit that art and museums were not really my thing at the time BUT when I got in there, wow...I was just amazed and impressed and just couldn't get enough of the beautiful paintings. Granted they were "surreal" and different but I was still so enthralled with what I was looking at.

So folks, I give you the Hallucinogenic Toreador as our work of inspiration for the month of August! I am not going to tell you which colours caught my eye in the painting as there's a few but I am pleased with how it all turned out and I hope you are too! Way to go to the two of you who guessed who it'd be too! :)

Oh My & A Little About My Dyeing

Oh my, oh my, oh my - 1/2 your yarns are dry and can I just say OH MY? LOL! I am pleased with the results so far and these are a bit of a departure for me and yes, very artsy colours are coming out too - I may as well call these yarns my ART YARN SERIES - this colour for the first month hasn't been seen in any of my colourways yet!

And a little about my dyeing so everyone knows - when you get a skein of yarn from me, they are all going to vary slightly on degree of colour, placement of colour and how they knit up. The reason? My dye process! I have always wanted one-of-a-kind colourways so I haven't gone the traditional route of making sure to repeat colourways at the drop of a hat - suppose that's the artist in me because when I go to the dye pot I don't want to be restricted by science, I just want to dye how I feel and that results in every skein being its own. You may see similarities in colours but each of you will get a unique skein even if it was in the same dye pot as another - so if you're new to my dyeing, don't be surprised if your skein is knitting up differently from your fellow art walkers - I meant for that to happen! I hope that can result in knitting masterpieces too - one of a kinds for everyone!

Okay, back to the dye pot...this has been a fun, rewarding and interesting challenge for me...thanks guys!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Time is Ticking Down!

Wow guys, August 1st is coming so quickly! I'm excited - dyeing should start next week and then it'll be packaging up all the yarns and getting them out the door...woohoo! I'm sure to show a little sneak peek too once they've been mailed so stay tuned!

Welcome to all the new members who've joined over the past little while too - I'm really pleased you've joined us. For anyone who hasn't been invited to the blog yet, please let me know so I can re-invite you - invites are sent as soon as I get your order but we all know Blogger isn't 100% foolproof so any re-invites I have to send - just drop me a line!

Can anyone guess what the art piece is that I'm doing for the first month? I can't tell you but I welcome all guesses! And next month - I'll be asking for everyone's help - suggestions on art pieces to do will be taken and we'll vote on which one we all want! So make sure to have your thinking caps on too.

Have a super day!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Panda on the Way!

Can you believe the bamboo yarn otherwise known as Panda sock yarn has just made its landing into the USA and has been backordered for about a month now? A flood in England delayed the yarn and then engine trouble on the plane sent the yarn back to England when it finally got on a plane. Wow, talk about Murphy's Law! However, I hear from my supplier that it's landed into Las Vegas now and is on its way to their location and then will be on its way to Canada early next week. I really thought I might have to ask everyone to choose another yarn but phew, Panda made it just in the nick of time!

It's bamboo you want, it's bamboo you'll get! :) Now I just need for it to get to me okay...everyone cross their fingers and toes that it does! We don't need anymore of Murphy and his laws interfering.

Who'd have thought yarn would involve such drama?!


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Ravelry & Flickr Pages

If you belong to Ravelry.com, please join the ART WALK K-along by clicking here.

If you are on Flickr.com, I've set up a group for posting photos - click here to join this group as well.

Thanks everyone!