Friday, August 29, 2008

September's "Teaser"

A little teaser of the yarn for September and hope everyone has a fabulous long weekend! Everything ships on Tuesday, September 2nd!

Looking at this yarn, it reminds me a bit of the blog button too - something subconscious going on there? LOL

Anyways, have a great one everybody and see you in September!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

September's Inspiration - Wassily Kandinsky

It's that time again! September's mailing is just around the corner and it's time to announce this month's inspiration piece! While searching through the art pieces I was looking for something that would be both summery but yet also hint at Fall coming and I think this piece captures that wonderfully. It's bright enough to take us through the last days of summer but Fall-like enough to remind us the leaves will soon be turning colours.

Hope everyone likes the piece - it is called Improvisation No. 23.

Monday, August 18, 2008

August's "Spoiler"

Wow, who could believe a year has gone by already for this club? I sure can't! I am enjoying each and every month of this club and this month was no exception. I loved choosing the art piece and then dyeing the yarn to match! We had two winners this month and congrats go out to Mary and Kelly - you will both receive September's shipment free! YAY!

How's everyone doing? Summer is coming to a close and I'm itching to get back into the cooler weather not only to help my knitting mojo return but also my dyeing mojo. When it's hot, it takes a lot of motivation to dye the yarns! It was a rather hot and humid couple of days painting this month's colourway but in the end, it's so worth it when I see everyone enjoying the yarns!

Happy knitting everyone!

Monday, August 4, 2008

A New Year & A New Contest

Hello everyone! Hope everyone's enjoying their summers!

I've been mulling it over a little and I've decided to return to choosing the art piece monthly. Why? I miss it terribly and part of the fun is picking the art piece that will inspire my dyeing. It also gives me a bit of leeway when it comes to what art pieces are chosen including up and coming artists and even unknown artists. I have a few ideas for these too and would like to slide them in every once in awhile to mix things up.

As for the contest, I love having a monthly contest so we will continue to do so! The format will be similar to August's in that everyone who is a member for the month will be eligible and the winner will be chosen randomly by having the words "WINNER" or "YOU WIN" on their insert card. This will help with keeping the contest random and for making everyone eligible to win each month. I think it's kind of fun to open your package and hope for those little words on your card! Whoever wins will win the next month free!

Hope this sounds good to everyone and thank you for being a member of this club...I appreciate everyone's support in making it what it is!