Friday, January 18, 2008

February Contest - Get Involved!

I’ve been really thinking about how to get everyone more involved in posting here and on Ravelry and here’s my first idea - let’s have a monthly contest!! And yes, it does involve free yarn…if you get chosen!

Let’s try it out for our upcoming February month. Here’s what I’m after - suggest an art piece for me to dye and tell me why you think it’d be a great piece to use!

In order to win, I will have to choose your art piece as the colourway for February. What do you win? The following month membership free! Yup, that’s right…free! Free yarn and free shipping!!! So get your thinking caps on and post away!

The only thing I ask is the following:

**You have to have been a member for 3 months and also a member for the coming month you’re suggesting for. The 3 months don’t have to be consecutive either, just 3 months so tell me how long you’ve been in the club when you post.

**You can only make 2 suggestions - any others will be disregarded - hold that thought until the next month as I plan on doing this every month.

**Please make sure it’s a fine art piece so as to keep with the theme of the club - it’s masterpieces we’re after!

**Duplicates will not be considered so please try to suggest something someone else has not - only the first suggestion will count.

And that’s about it until I think of something else….LOL Now get to suggesting and have fun with it…I do every month.

If I don’t choose any of the suggestions which I reserve the right to do - don’t worry, I’ll do a random drawing of all those who entered to give away the next month’s free membership.

Oh yes, a good resource I use to find the artwork is

(cross-posted on the Ravelry group - please feel free to suggest either on the blog here or in the Ravelry group)


Anonymous said...

Another good link for art pieces is It's the Web Gallery of Art, and it's the resource I use most for my art history courses 'cause it has lots of information and more pieces than Just remember that it's a European site so if you're looking for Raphael you'll need to look under the Italian spelling of Raffaello, etc. or try looking by the title of the work.

skywitch said...

I love Renoir's "Dance at Bougival"-- the bright red of her hat, the soft white of her gown, and the deep bright blue of his suit. Renoir has always been a favorite of mine, and I think this is a lovely work of art.
I've been a member of the club since the beginning, and I really enjoy it!


Roxie said...

How about Blue Boy? I would love socks knit with those colors. Yes, as art it's a tad saccharine, but the colors, the colors!

I was in for the three months before Christmas. I've been working more lately, so sign me up for next month.

RoxanneZYG said...

Hey roxie!! Nice to have you back!! I'll send an invoice now :)

Kris said...

Okay - I'm not a member of the club - but I'll make a suggestion anyways, and if you ever use it, you don't have to worry about a free month, I'll be joining then anyways. ;) It's Klimt's "The Kiss" - my absolute favorite - everything about it, from the sentiment to the style to the color(!), just makes me happy. I would be sooooo thrilled to see yarn inspired by it!

gottaknit said...

I would like to offer Mary Cassatt's, Mother with Children. I love Mary Cassatt and I think the colorways in this masterpiece would make a beautiful yarn. I love the purple and gold, white, black and the hint of rose in the flower. Oh what could be done with this. I have been a member for quite a while, but not sure exactly how long. I have so enjoyed my yarn!!

Anonymous said...

how about some paul klee...1919 or botanical high culture

Roxie said...

Here's my second vote: I've been looking at art with an eye for yarn, and Georgia O'Keefe's Calla Lillies would rock my world. Sexy, sensual RED for Valentine's day!!