Saturday, September 27, 2008

October's Inspiration - Salvador Dali

Awhile back one of the club members suggested this painting (sorry, can't remember who but thank you!) and I've had it in my back pocket for awhile for painting. It's lovely and it feels like October would be a nice month for it too. I hope you like it! It's called "Person at the Window" and I am planning on putting it on my Bamboolicious base yarn - the bamboo sheen would be lovely for it and bamboo comes out nice and subtle in colour like this painting is. I also like it for the mixing of colour tones.

Happy October everyone!


Donna Lee said...

What a good choice. I saw that painting as part of the huge Dali show that travelled the world a few years ago. It glows. The bamboo yarn base will bring that glow to the yarn.

RoxanneZYG said...

Hi Donna Lee...thanks! I am looking forward to this goes so nice together!

Paula said...

Can't wait to see the yarn!
I have always been a fan of Dali and I just love this painting!