Thursday, October 29, 2009

November's Inspiration - Edvard Munch

Yet another artist we haven't explored with the club!

This particular painting has a nice feel colour-wise to it for the yarn base this month as the base likes to produce matted colours instead of bright ones. It seemed appropriate for Halloween too given the title of the piece: "The Scream".

Yarns will ship on Monday - have a great weekend!


Miriam Jones said...

Well I just joined the club and I will be starting with a scream!

RoxanneZYG said...

Welcome Miriam! A scream is a good way to start ;-)

Donna Lee said...

I kept checking to see what was inspiring you this month. Good choice. Hard to believe in over 2 years that Munch hasn't come up before.

annelene said...

Nice to see that your inspiration is a Norwegian - bevause I'm also from Norway and Munch is one of my favorite artists :)

Aurelia said...

I cannot wait to see the colours (or get my hands on the October yarn which my husband after seeing it insisted had to be for him).