Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blogger Invites

I have invited everyone who joined the Sock Club to participate in the blog - if you haven't received your invite yet, please let me know by leaving a comment - I'll send it again! For any newcomers, as you sign up, your invite is automatically sent once I get to your registration. If you haven't received it within a day of registering, please let me know too!


P.S.: Don't forget to vote in the poll so we can decide which yarn we should use for August! :)

P.P.S.: If your Paypal email is different from your personal email, the invite may have gone to your Paypal email address instead. Please let me know if you'd prefer it sent to your personal email. Thanks!


InkyOrchid said...

I haven't gotten my invite yet.

Alexis Richter

ArtWalkSockYarnClub said...

Hi Alexis...I just resent to your personal email instead of your Paypal email. Let me know if you don't get it again. Thanks, Roxanne.

Roxie said...

I want to join and don't have a paypal acount. Can I snail-mail a check to you for a three month membership? Thanks!


ArtWalkSockYarnClub said...

Hi Roxie! Love that name - it's also my nickname! Sure, let me email you off-blog and we can discuss...shouldn't be a problem! Thanks for your interest! Roxanne.