Monday, June 11, 2007

FAQs & Yarn for August

A big welcome to everyone who has just recently joined - really pleased to have you along! And looks like Bambooooooooo is making it to the front for August's yarn choice - if you haven't voted, please make sure to. Great choice will not be disappointed with the bamboo! It's got a nice little sheen to it and it's very springy too...lovely yarn!

I've been getting some regular questions so thought I'd post some answers here too in case others were wondering:

How long will the sock yarn club be for?

Seriously, as long as you guys are interested and we have members, we'll keep going! I hadn't envisioned an end date but if interest wains then I'll have to consider it. But even if there's just a small amount in the club, I don't mind doing yarns for everyone...small and cozy is fine for me too!

Are you limiting the amount of members of the sock yarn club?

So far, no - my idea is that people can join anytime they choose. I wanted to build flexibility into the sock yarn club and if there's a month where you'll be away or other obligations are taking your time, it's fine to un-join and re-join when you want to as well. If the club grows to a really outrageous # then I'll consider limiting memberships but for now, come and go as you please!

I think that's it for now but feel free to post anytime everyone! Before we know it, August will be here! Looking forward to it.

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Donna Lee said...

I see my name on the list but not my blogsite. It is Thanks! I am excited about this and can't wait for August.