Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May's "Teaser"

This month's colourway came out a little different than I expected! Let me explain...each month, after looking at the painting for awhile, I always have a vision of what colours I want the yarns to reflect and go about to paint them onto the yarns. This month was no different until the yarn decided it wanted to have an influence on what colours I *should* put on the yarn. All was going well during painting but when the yarn dried, it ended up being the undertones of the painting colours rather than the darker overtones. Was this bad? Not necessarily! Beneath every dark tone is a lighter undertone that makes it what it is. I decided to go with it because I think it reflects the season nicely too. I hope you enjoy it! This month the canvas had its say! I think I need to explore this concept a little further...it ended with a nice surprise and I'm really happy with the colourway as the lighter undertones. I hope you are too!

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