Thursday, July 5, 2007

Panda on the Way!

Can you believe the bamboo yarn otherwise known as Panda sock yarn has just made its landing into the USA and has been backordered for about a month now? A flood in England delayed the yarn and then engine trouble on the plane sent the yarn back to England when it finally got on a plane. Wow, talk about Murphy's Law! However, I hear from my supplier that it's landed into Las Vegas now and is on its way to their location and then will be on its way to Canada early next week. I really thought I might have to ask everyone to choose another yarn but phew, Panda made it just in the nick of time!

It's bamboo you want, it's bamboo you'll get! :) Now I just need for it to get to me okay...everyone cross their fingers and toes that it does! We don't need anymore of Murphy and his laws interfering.

Who'd have thought yarn would involve such drama?!



KnitNana said...

ANYTHING that has to travel miles, or involves another country, is a potential disaster (JMHO)

If something like that happens, Rox - we just drop back and punt - we can change our minds!
No worries!

Donna Lee said...

Yay for perseverence! But I agree, if something is not working, we take another route. Knitters are an intrepid lot. We are up to the challenge.

ArtWalkSockYarnClub said...

You guys are so awesome and thank you! I'm quite persistent when it comes to what yarn I want too so that bamboo better get here! LOL :)