Thursday, July 26, 2007

Oh My & A Little About My Dyeing

Oh my, oh my, oh my - 1/2 your yarns are dry and can I just say OH MY? LOL! I am pleased with the results so far and these are a bit of a departure for me and yes, very artsy colours are coming out too - I may as well call these yarns my ART YARN SERIES - this colour for the first month hasn't been seen in any of my colourways yet!

And a little about my dyeing so everyone knows - when you get a skein of yarn from me, they are all going to vary slightly on degree of colour, placement of colour and how they knit up. The reason? My dye process! I have always wanted one-of-a-kind colourways so I haven't gone the traditional route of making sure to repeat colourways at the drop of a hat - suppose that's the artist in me because when I go to the dye pot I don't want to be restricted by science, I just want to dye how I feel and that results in every skein being its own. You may see similarities in colours but each of you will get a unique skein even if it was in the same dye pot as another - so if you're new to my dyeing, don't be surprised if your skein is knitting up differently from your fellow art walkers - I meant for that to happen! I hope that can result in knitting masterpieces too - one of a kinds for everyone!

Okay, back to the dye pot...this has been a fun, rewarding and interesting challenge for me...thanks guys!


InkyOrchid said...

No, no! Thank you!

Lynda said...

Now you are teasing us....are you trying to get us excited, or what? I won't get to see mine anyway until I get home which won't be until sometime in the unforeseeable future. Whaaaaa

KnitNana said...

Yarn tease.
Can't you at least tell us WHAT art was the inspiration?

Donna Lee said...

I would rather have something unique that I can knit up into something wonderful. Dye on! Go wherever your muse takes you.