Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Ravelry & Flickr Pages

If you belong to Ravelry.com, please join the ART WALK K-along by clicking here.

If you are on Flickr.com, I've set up a group for posting photos - click here to join this group as well.

Thanks everyone!


Sarah D said...

I'm still waiting for my invite from Ravelry :-( I didn't jump into the pool soon enough. But by all accounts that I've heard it's pretty addictive - and I don't really need another addiction :-0!

ArtWalkSockYarnClub said...

Yes, it can be and I agree on another addiction...LOL I just got my invite too...it took about 2-3 months and they're inviting daily so I'm sure it'll be soon for you too.

mjm knitting said...

one day i will get my invite and then i can play with the rest of you kids.