Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Favourite Yarn Weights Poll

Hello everyone...would love your feedback on what your favourite yarn weights are to use for socks! You can choose more than one answer as well and the poll will close on Sunday, September 17, 2007. This will help me with deciding on what yarns to use for the coming months. As always, thanks for participating!


Jenny143 said...

It may just be me but I find my preferences are very seasonal. Summer I want light fingering weight. But come September back to school and I start looking for a bit heavier yarn. Winter bring on the big warm wool. Then in Spring it starts to head back to fingering.

Anonymous said...

I'm apparently a very loose knitter (pause for gutter moment... okay) so I have to size down 2 needle sizes for pretty much every project. I spend most of my time knitting with 0's, 1's and the occasional 2's. So the heavier sock weights work well in my world of sweaters made on size 2 needles... ::sigh::