Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Packages in the Mail & Any Pattern Writers in the Club?

Hello everyone...hope you all had a nice long weekend!

All September packages have been mailed and those of you in Ontario will probably get your yarn as soon as tomorrow! October's yarn is going to be great too if I can get it pulled together...stay tuned and can't wait to see some Starry Night projects on the needles! :)

Do we have any pattern writers/designers in the group? I'd sure love to hear from you if you do write/design as I would like to discuss the idea of club yarn specific patterns. Contact me at zenyarngarden AT yahoo DOT com if you're a designer and are interested. Thanks!


Musclemom said...

I just opened the package -- the yarn is beautiful! Love the colours and the yarn... Now to choose the pattern that will show at its best.
And yes, I live in Toronto, which is probably why I got it so quickly!

Roxie said...

I can design patterns. I got my Master Knitter certification, and I like simple stuff so I can write easy to understand patterns with a "fudge factor" built in wherever possible. I'm planning on using the Torreador yarn for a modular scarf, but was also thinking that mittens in a slip-stitch pattern would go nicely as well.