Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I Conquered One!

I managed to finish one of my socks and hope to cast on for the other soon but I really badly suffer from SSS just because I'm so busy with dyeing yarn. Once I see how the yarn knits up, I want to see how the next yarn knits up....LOL I do like this pattern though - very easy to do without the heel and when I put it on, it doesn't seem to slide down at all - however, personally, I think I like the construction of a heel better overall just for fit and for wear but for mindless knitting, this was great!

How's everyone else doing? Johnna - your socks are beautiful and Donna Lee - your monkey socks are looking fab so far!

Welcome to all the new members and since September 1st falls on the weekend, yarns will mail on Tuesday, September 4th (Monday the 3rd is Labour Day!) - Canada Post doesn't move their mail on weekends or holidays which works great for me - 3 more days of getting everything ready for you guys! As usual, you will receive a shipment notice through email if you paid by Paypal.


Ann said...

The sock looks great - that's what I like sometimes - mindless knitting.

Johnna said...

Don't let sss get you down. The second sock is always easier for me. I've gone through the pattern once and worked through any problems I may have come across and the second one knits up really quickly. The hardest part for me on any sock (first or second) is getting through ribbing. Once I'm through that the rest is a snap. Happy knitting! Oh and thank you for the props on my socks, I love 'em.

Donna Lee said...

I don't have sss often because I am a one-project-at-a-time person. I, too, find the second sock to be easier because the pattern quirks are all familiar.