Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Toreador Colourway for August 2007

I can't wait any longer guys and I bet you can't either! Here's my group shot of the yarn for August in the Toreador colourway! For those that haven't received their yarns yet, sorry for the spoiler and I hope you are pleased when you do receive your yarn - they are all slightly different from each other and I can't wait to see how the yarns knit up. If you haven't noticed already, I have a few links to sock patterns in the right sidebar too if you care to visit any of these links.

Welcome to all the new members for September - I'm looking forward to next month already and I hope you are too! If you click the photo you will be taken to the club's Flickr album - if you haven't signed up for that page already, please join and I'll approve you immediately! Thanks everyone!


Roxie said...

I was out of town when my yarn arrived. What a delightful surprise to return to! And thank you so much for the wonderful card you included. I would never have seen the Toreador without your direction and now feel quite pleased with myself to be able to understand the picture a teensy bit. (Still can't find the broad in the bikini, though.) Now my brain is filling with knitterly possibilities. Wonderful, subtle, nuanced selection of colors and use of them in the yarn. I'm so glad I joined!!

Roxanne said...

You're so welcome and I'm pleased you've joined doing these colours for everyone! Dali's an interesting artist isn't he?