Friday, August 31, 2007

Oh Starry Night!

The yarns are almost ready to hit the road and for now, a wee hint...that's all you're going to get least it's not black and white! LOL

Have a nice long weekend everyone and yarns will be on their way on Tuesday, September 4th since Canada Post doesn't move their mail on Saturdays and Monday is Labour Day!

Can you feel Fall coming? October's yarn should reflect the season that's coming I'm sure! Enjoy the new yarn base too - I started knitting an "oops" skein from the batch of ART WALK yarns and it's very "squooshy" (if that's a word) and has a nice twist to it too! Would love your feedback on it as it's a brand new yarn base from a new supplier and different from the other merino/nylon yarn I have been using.

See you next week!


Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

Yay!!!!! I can't wait! I just love squooshy yarn! I'll be sure to knit up a gauge swatch so I can tell you how the new base works. It sounds just heavenly, though. And your hint about the colors sounds just too delicious!

Have a lovely Labor Day!

Johnna said...

You're so cruel! Enjoy your long weekend and can't wait to get the shipment.

Donna Lee said...

I hope you enjoy your taunting, you tease! Looking forward to getting my skein.

Suzanne B said...

I think this might even be as bad as getting a picture in black & White. :)

Can't wait to get it!!

teabird said...

This is as mean as a crayon drawing. Unnecessary taunting indeed!

Roxanne said...

Hee hee! I *love* the taunting part...I'm sooooooo bad!! :)