Monday, August 6, 2007

September's Sock Club & August's Photos

Hello I'm getting questions about September's sock club, I thought I'd post this for everyone - I'm going to be billing everyone mid-August for September's shipment so if you don't mind waiting until then, you'll get your invoice at that time. If some of you would like to prepay, I don't mind either but just please make a note in the comments that you were also with us for August so I don't double bill you - the club is listed in both my Etsy store and my online store for anyone who wants to sign up for September on their own and get it out of the way.

Also, some questions have been asked about when to post photos of August's shipment. How does the end of this week sound? I'm hopeful that the majority of the clubbers will have their yarns by then as it'll be 10 days shipping time.

As always, thanks everyone and soon we'll be thinking about September's colours so stay tuned!


Donna Lee said...

My yarn came today. I don't know what I expected bamboo yarn to feel like but this is so soft and beautiful. You did a spectacular job picking out the colors. I am wowed by your artistry.

Roxanne said...

Hi Donna...unless you've tried bamboo yarn before, it's really a nice surprise - I know I was surprised when I first got this yarn from my supplier too! Enjoy and thank you for the lovely comment.

Sarah D said...

Hi Roxanne - I'm in Portland Maine and I recieved my yarn today. It's really beautiful. I'm looking forward to see what everyone is going to make with theirs.
Thanks for update about the club. I want to be in September's club too and wanted to make sure that I didn't miss out :-)
Thanks again.